Ready-to-Wear Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Wigs and toppers for daily wear and easy removal

While custom systems provide a cutting-edge solution for women with permanent, advanced hair loss in need of coverage that stays attached night and day, they simply aren’t for everyone. Many women prefer ready-to-wear wigs and toppers for daily wear and easy removal.

Although ready-to-wear hair loss solutions don’t provide total customization of size, length, color, and more, many women are more comfortable with the option to remove their system daily rather than commit to a bonded, semi-permanent, custom solution. If you want to remove your system daily, are in the early stages of full or partial hair loss, or simply want to add thickness to your natural hair, a ready-to-wear wig or clip-on topper may be the best fit for your look and lifestyle.

With high quality options from world-renowned brands, ready-to-wear solutions are always easy to attach and style, providing a very natural look. Wigs and toppers look like growing hair, but should be removed before sleeping or showering.

Because ready-to-wear hair loss solutions aren’t made to order, your new system can ship as early as the day you order it, depending on time of order.

Provides full coverage, ready-to-wear solutions

Full Coverage

Full coverage options

If you’re experiencing total or near-total hair loss, but aren’t quite ready for a bonded custom system, we provide a variety of high quality wigs as full coverage options. Although ready-to-wear wigs can’t be customized to your specifications, there are a wide range of options available, including both human and synthetic hair, and an extensive selection of contemporary styles and colors. Wigs can be used with or without adhesives, and should be worn with a wig cap if used to cover growing hair.

If you have alopecia totalis, universalis, or other total hair loss, you may find great peace of mind in a silicone grip wig. This allows you to wear a breathable, lace base without need for tape or liquid adhesives. The silicone grip edge keeps your wig firmly in place all day, so you can live life to the fullest, without worrying about your hair shifting or slipping. This special grip allows you to enjoy the beautiful, natural look of a lace hair system without sacrificing comfort or security.

View Full Coverage

Partial Coverage

Compare with Ready-to-Wear with Custom Hair Systems


Custom Hair Systems

For any level of hair loss

For extensive and permanent hair loss

Daily removal (cannot sleep, shower, or swim underwater)

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater)

Made to stock/common specifications


Machine wefted, possibly with some handmade elements, depending on product


Limited sizes

Custom-fitted to your head, any shape

One density per style

Choice of densities

Limited hair lengths

Choice of hair length

No or few curl options, limited wave patterns

Choice of curl and wave

Limited colors with predetermined highlights

Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

Front hairline depends on product chosen

High definition front hairline

Full or partial coverage

Available in all shapes, from small frontals to full caps

Cut, style, and blending not available, and can void guarantee

Cut, style, and blending included in cost

Ships in 7-10 days for the U.S. and 3 weeks for E.U. & international customers

8-12 week turnaround time

Not available with Standing Order Discount

Available with Standing Order Discount

Prices vary depending on product and hair type

Prices start at $499

For further comparison, visit Custom Hair Systems for Women, or contact us.

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