Small Wins Lead to Giant Victories

With customizable looks and affordable prices, our hair loss solutions won’t force you to compromise.

Whether you’re new to wearing hair or have tried other solutions along the way, you’ve probably identified a few priorities you don’t want to compromise.

Maybe you’re looking for a company that respects your privacy and time. Perhaps you value ongoing support — for free — from experts who are available to answer questions throughout your journey. Maybe you’re searching for a long-term solution that balances innovation with affordability.

Or maybe — like many of our customers — you’ve been holding on to the hope that you can have it all.

At HairDirect, you can. No, we don’t offer false claims of a magic cure, but we do commit ourselves to developing cutting-edge technologies, such as a High Definition Hairline®, patented thin-skin, and our Gather® Personalized Pre-consultation Tool. Plus, many of our solutions are completely customizable — we even cut, color, and style your hair so it arrives at your door ready to wear. Finally, we provide contract-free Standing Order Discounts to keep these innovative solutions convenient and affordable for a lifetime of wearing hair.

No matter where you are in your hair loss journey, our solutions are designed to fit your lifestyle without compromise. The result? You recover both the hair you’ve lost and the confidence to live life to the fullest.

Find the Best Solution for You

Custom Hair Systems

Fully customized solutions to fit your lifestyle

  • For extensive and permanent hair loss
  • Fully customizable for size, shape, color, density, and more
  • Eight-to-twelve-week turnaround time

Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems

Ready-to-ship, high-quality, pre-made hair solutions

  • For all stages of hair loss
  • Pre-made to common specifications
  • Available to ship within a week

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