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  1. Rebonding the Front Edge of Your Thin Skin System

    Learn how to clean and rebond the front edge of your HD Skin™ system using the ProTouch FusionBond Adhesive Pen, which is specially formulated for thin skin systems.

  2. Scalp Cleaning and Prep with Solvent

    Learn to properly clean and prep your scalp after removing your hair system so you protect your skin and get the best possible hold when reattaching it.

  3. Attaching With Tape in the Front and Clips on the Sides and Back

    Here, we address how to attach and remove a hair system with tape in the front and clips on the sides and back. Cleaning instructions are also provided.

  4. Drying and Styling Long Curly Hair

    Follow these steps to properly dry and style your long, curly hair system. By following the appropriate process, you’ll prevent frizz and keep the curl family together.

  5. Combs for Hair Systems

    There are many different combs available for hair systems — wide-tooth combs, fine-tooth combs, teasing combs, and comb picks. Here you’ll learn about all these combs, as well as the hair texture and style each is best suited for.

  6. Deep Conditioning Short Hair

    Over time, shampooing, blow drying and using styling products can dry out the hair in your system. To help nourish the hair, we provide instructions to deep condition the hair at least once a month.

  7. Coloring a Short Hair System

    As your hair system ages, it’s normal for the color to fade or oxidize. If you’d like to color it yourself, we recommend using a professional color kit from HairDirect. Follow the instructions in this guide for optimum results.

  8. Coloring a Long Hair System

    The tips and modifications found here show you how to color a long hair system yourself at home. WIth long hair, it’s important to work with one small section of hair at a time in order to achieve uniform color throughout the system.

  9. Hair Care

    Hair systems require special hair care. Here you’ll find everything you need to manage daily hair care and styling, assess product ingredients, and manage bothersome issues, such as frizz, tangling and dry hair.

  10. Detangling Your Hair System

    If your hair has become severely tangled or matted, this professional detangling treatment can restore your long or short hair system’s manageability, but should only be used when nothing else works to detangle your hair.

  11. Detangling Your Long Hair System

    In some cases, long hair can become significantly tangled or even matted. This professional detangling treatment can restore your hair system’s manageability, but should only be used when nothing else works to detangle your hair.

  12. Preparing Your Long Hair System for Removal

    If your hair is long, it’s best to protect it during the removal and cleaning process. Learn how to prepare your hair system for removal and cleaning in order to prevent excessive tangling and absorption of cleaning chemicals into the hair.

  13. Preparing Your Long Hair System for Attachment

    Before you begin attaching your long hair system, learn how to secure the hair out of your way so it doesn’t hang in your eyes or get stuck in the adhesive. With this method, you’ll have the easiest and least frustrating experience possible.

  14. Shampooing Your Short Hair System in the Sink

    Once your base is clean, you’re ready to shampoo the hair. Learn how to properly shampoo a short hair system in the sink and prevent premature shedding in the process.

  15. Making Your Custom Hair System Template

    This step-by-step article will guide you through creating a custom hair system template for a partial or three-quarter system.

  16. Understanding Density

    Density refers to the amount of hair ventilated into a hair system base. We recommend an age- and gender-appropriate density, so your hair system looks completely natural and undetectable. Here, you can see some examples of density.

  17. Brushes

    Taking care of your hair replacement system the right way means using the correct tools. Here we discuss some popular brush types, and when you should and shouldn’t use them.

  18. Learn Landing

  19. Keeping Track of Your Specs

    There are multiple specifications used to design your hair system. We recommend you keep a written or digital log of what you order, so you can make educated decisions when considering a change such as color, density or size.

  20. Rinsing Your Short Hair System

    Learn how to properly rinse your short hair system to avoid hairs from irreversibly coming through to the back of the base.

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